1: Purchases

Purchases in our shop are digital content and cannot be revoked if they are delivered within 14 days. If a player is banned from the server, we are not obliged to refund the amount at all times.

2: Chargeback

If you have purchased something on the website and then try to reverse a purchase, you will immediately receive an IP ban.

3: Duration

You are entitled to purchases for at least 30 days, if the server goes bankrupt or stops you only have the right to request a refund if you have not been able to use these 30 days.

4: Your data

We keep your data private at all times and do not give it away to third parties. We only use this information to see if the payment was successful.

5: Content

The contents of all packages sold on store.suppamc.nl are clearly stated before purchasing this package. If you are not satisfied with this content, we are not responsible for it.


If the relevant game mode receives a reset in which all data is deleted so that everyone can start from 0 again, you have no right to get back previously purchased keys on the website. Since these will also be reset.